Since its formation in 1999, the Motivational Preparation College for Training (MPCT) has been dedicated to offering opportunities to young people through training and education. The MPCT is a thriving and distinguished training provider having been graded as outstanding in all areas by Ofsted.

The Motivational Preparation College for Training (MPCT) is resolutely committed to the sustainable development of exceptional levels of achievement for all of its students. 2017 has seen MPCTs’ student achievement rates skyrocket to out-perform all national success rates and benchmarks. Ofsted recognised the exceptional levels of success at MPCT in the most recent Inspection, in which MPCT was graded as outstanding in all areas due to its unrelenting belief in changing young people’s lives.

Many of the young people who enrol on MPCT programmes have not had a positive experience during their time in compulsory education. This often leads students to present a lack of self-esteem and confidence to fully engage in educational programmes. Without considerable support through imaginative and ground-breaking approaches, these students would fail to achieve their individual goals.

MPCT doesn’t rest on its laurels. Following the trailblazing use of Physical Literacy as a vehicle to deliver English and maths, MPCT has continued to develop and enhance the delivery of contextualised English and maths lessons via innovative military skills and sports programmes; these include Functional Skills from entry level 1 to level 2 and GCSEs. The impact is clear to see in the achievement rates of our students with 83.1% achieving English and maths qualifications in 2016/17, 27% higher than the national benchmarks published 2014/15.

During 2016/17 MPCT launched its first ever GCSE English and Maths curriculum in line with the government’s new gold-standard GCSE English and maths strategy. Applying the same innovative and active approach, the military GCSE curriculum provides a new way of learning English and maths by blending active learning within a rich context of physical and personal development, supporting social and economic mobility for all students. The development of a robust and engaging curriculum that supports our students to achieve has therefore been central to the success of MPCT students. The outstanding impact on achievements is illustrated by MPCTs GCSE A-C pass rates. MPCT achieved a 55% GCSE A-C pass rate for English and 58% for Maths. These exceptional results are 33% and 38% higher than the national benchmarks which is absolutely astonishing.

MPCT has achieved exceptional outcomes in all areas for its students throughout 2016/17 by delivering high quality teaching and learning. As well as improving its already outstanding results, MPCT has responded to labour market needs and has significantly increased its student engagement within the community by 36%, reinforcing MPCTs status as TES Training Provider of the Year 2017.

The impact of MPCTs extraordinary GCSE results has contributed to the positive progression of 92% of students into their chosen careers, which has been the ethos at MPCT since 1999

I’m interested in finding out more. What do I need to do?

You need to see a Careers Wales Careers Adviser who will discuss your career ideas with you and refer you on to a suitable programme.

If you are still in school – speak to your school Career Adviser