Gowerton School, having been established over 120 years ago, is a school with a rich, strong tradition and heritage. A community school in every sense of the word, we feel a huge sense of pride in our cultural, sporting and academic success.
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Headteacher’s welcome

The Sixth Form has traditionally been one of the strengths of the British Education system. It has produced good academic results and offered opportunities for students to develop their interests and exercise responsibility within the school as a whole. This enables students to develop personal qualities and experiences which are viewed as very important in work, Further Education and Higher Education.

Gowerton Sixth Form has a reputation for excellence. Estyn Inspection Reports have drawn attention to the consistently high quality of teaching in the Sixth Form, the ‘generous’ provision of teaching time, and the vigorous monitoring of student progress.

Many students have moved on from Sixth Form into jobs with good career opportunities or interesting, exciting prestigious courses in Higher Education. Other aspects of education continue to be regarded as important in Gowerton. Sport is an important feature of Sixth Form life, as are Drama and Music. There are opportunities to become involved in community work, charity work and opportunities to take responsibility for working with younger pupils. These are very important as they develop and provide an opportunity to demonstrate Key Skills which are so valued by employers and admissions personnel.

We seek to offer opportunities for each student to achieve their full potential in a structured, caring environment. The academic element is quite clearly important whatever a student intends to do. It is also important that students have the opportunity to develop other aspects of their lives. Higher education and employment application forms place great emphasis on wider development of character and personality.

As well as the aspects of things like punctuality and reliability included on these forms, they also ask for comments on leadership quality and the ability to work with others, as well as breadth of interest and commitment displayed by the student. Gowerton Sixth Form offers the opportunity to develop and display these aspects of personality.

A high proportion of our students’ progress to Higher or Further Education each year. In 2018, 100% of our students achieved their first or second choice university placement.

Our pastoral system before, during and after the examinations is second to none. Our team has the experience (and the network of contacts) to ensure your time in the Sixth Form has the best possible outcome.