The Health and Social Care sector is a key industry in Swansea, employing almost 20,000 people.

Information supplied by the Regional Learning and Skills Partnership, November 2020

The sector supports the health and wellbeing of us all and allows us to work and live. If you’re a compassionate person and would like to help people, then a career in this sector could be ideal for you.  The sector is under pressure at the moment due to an ageing population, childcare demands, changing lifestyles, public expectations and new and emerging technologies. Due to this demand the sector is expected to see a 2.2% growth in employment over the next five years.[1]

Key Characteristics:

  • Diversity of roles,
  • Growth sector,
  • Flexible hours,
  • Part-time working,
  • Career progression,
  • Training opportunities,

Skills in Demand[2]:

  • Oral Welsh language skills,
  • Good communication skills,
  • Writing reports,
  • Leadership skills,
  • Good listening skills.

The average wage for a job in the sector is £23,984, although what you can earn is entirely dependent on the type of role you undertake.[3]

Below are examples of just some of the roles available in the sector:

[1] EMSI (2020)

[2] RLSP (2019)

[3] EMSI (2020)

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